Why is Sanibel so good for shelling?

Sanibel is known around the world for it's fabulous shelling beaches.  Sanibel Island is part  of a large plateau that  extends out into the Gulf of Mexico for miles.  This plateau acts like a shelf for seashells to gather.  When the tides and winds pick up, they  disrupt and agitate the seashells resting on the plateau.  Due to  Sanibel Island's unique geographical orientation,  lying East to West instead of North to South, it acts as a bent finger sticking out into the gulf.  This allows Sanibel to act like a scoop for these disrupted seashells.  The tides push the seashells up onto Sanibel beaches.  Throughout the year, thousands of visitors come to enjoy Sanibel's beaches and hunt for that special seashell. 

The "Sanibel stoop"