Tips and hints for shelling the Islands

Here are some general things to know and tips to follow when shelling Sanibel Island Florida.

1- The taking of live seashells on Sanibel Island is prohibited.  As a matter of fact, the taking of live shells is prohibited throughout all of Lee County.   A seashell with a hermit crab in it is NOT considered live. There is no limit on the taking of dead (empty) seashells.

2- Make sure to carry a bucket or bag to carry your seashells in. 

3- Along with a bucket it can be helpful to carry a net or scoop to help gather up seashells that are at the water break line or beyond. 

4- When walking in the water looking for seashells make sure to drag your feet.  This is for two reasons:

    a)  Some seashells are partially buried in the sand and you could stumble upon them

    b)  There are stingrays in the water (especially in the summer).  The stingray will harmlessly swim away if he is just nudged . However, if you step down on top of one it can leave you with a nasty wound.   Shuffling your feet prevents the stepping down on their back that is necessary for them to sting. 

5-  It is often a good idea to wear lightweight water shoes (see number 4).  If stepped on, seashells can be awfully sharp as well. 

6-  Make sure to see our section on cleaning seashells to find out the best way to get odors out and more.