Seashell Identification Guide

Below are the most common shells found on the outer barrier islands of Lee County, Florida. It has been said that Sanibel Island, Captiva Island, North Captiva Island and Cayo Costa Island has been ranked as the third best shelling islands in the world. Some of the best shelling will be on those remote Islands accessible only by boat.

Beaded Periwinkle

Angulate Periwinkle

Paper Fig

Pear Whelk

Alphabet Cone

Baby's Ear

Maculated Baby Ear

Slipper Shell

Worm seashell


Florida Cone

Spiny Jewel Box

Apple Murex

Lace Murex


Lettered Olive

Shark Eye or Moon snail

Gaudy Natica

Bleeding Tooth

King's Crown

Banded Tulip

Fighting conch

True Tulip

Jujube Top-Shell

Sozon's Cone

Atlantic Bubble

Scotch Bonnet




Florida Auger 

Fly-Specked Cerith

Florida Cerith

Horse Conch

Lightning whelk

Turkey Wing


Lion's Paw

Pecten Raveneli

Pen Shell


Imperial Venus

Kitten's Paw

Sunrise Tellin


Elegant Dosinia

Egg Cockle

Calico Scallop

Rose Petal Tellin

Broad- Ribbed Cardita

Calico Clam

Zigzag scallop

Van Hyning's Cockle

Channeled Duck Clam

Sunray Venus

Angel Wings